Pastor Kjersten Priddy

Hello! Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church on the web. I’m glad you’ve found us here at our virtual home.


I’m Pastor Kjersten (pronounced “sure-sten.” It’s Swedish. Very old Swedish) and I have served as pastor here since June 2014.

I am originally and most recently from southern California. I studied at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago (MDiv, 2012). Before seminary I worked as a volunteer coordinator for a women’s homeless shelter in Washington, DC.

My favorite thing about being a pastor in general and being at Trinity in particular is that it’s my job to talk to people, share stories, and learn more about how God is at work in the world.

In my free time I like to read, run, and play basketball. I am an avid Washington Nationals baseball fan and I am becoming a Tigers fan as my American League team.

I also love cereal.  I have for years, well before I’d even heard of Battle Creek. The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways.

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