Lenten Bible Study Wednesdays at 3 pm

Resurrection Stories: A Lenten Bible Study

Our God is a God of resurrection. Each Wednesday in Lent we will look at a different story of God bringing new life from death.  Each week stands independently, come to as many or a few as you can.

Wednesdays at 3 pm
The lounge at Trinity Lutheran Church

Feb. 25 – Creation
Mar. 4 – Deliverance at the Red Sea
Mar. 11 – The Valley of the Dry Bones
Mar. 18 – The Deliverance of Jonah
Mar. 25 – Deliverance from the Firey Furnace


    Trinity’s project this year for GOD’S WORK OUR HANDS was at the Inasmuch House for women and families.  They needed some shelves and storage containers to better organize the basement and a bicycle rack for outside.  With the aid of a grant and many helping hands, storage shelves were assembled and containers were provided to help better organize their basement.

While that was going on inside the facility, outside a group were following a DYI suggestion on “How to Build a Bicycle Rack”.  They did a fabulous job and made a nice long rack using PVC pipe, it holds a good many bikes too.

    During the time this construction was going on, and not wanting the children to be under foot, a yard full of games were organized outside in the playground area.  There was ladder ball, bag toss, marbles and other activities but the one best received was the rock painting table!  They had all colors and even “bug eyes” to use.  The creative minds were going full steam with ideas and laughter went around the table like quick silver.

To finish off the day there  was an Ice Cream Social!  There’s nothing better on a hot summer afternoon than a bowl of ice cream, unless it’s two bowls!

Many thanks to Miss Rose for her graciousness and all the volunteers who made this day possible.  It will be a memorable GOD’S WORK OUR HANDS event.